Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Preschool Science Project

As a kid I HATED science. I hated science projects, chemistry, labs, etc. If it smelled like anything close to science I was out of there.Then I grew up and realized how AWESOME science really is. Thanks Bill Nye!

Anyways with holidays over and my birthday behind me I've been able to get back into the groove of homeschooling Lily and Ducati. And for today we had a blast outside coloring snow. 

I seen this fun project floating around Pinterest but I wanted to add alittle more education to it. And since this lesson was for a 3 and 4 year old they gave it 2 thumbs up.
 To get their little minds working I had 3 bottles, some food coloring, and hot water. Pretty easy to assemble. Hot water into bottle, Add food coloring. Mix and have fun. But I wanted our girls to learn about primary colors and how they can make secondary colors.
 So each girl made their own bottle of snow paint with the color combo they wanted. Lily loved that she found a way to make lavender (<--- she learned this word from a Fancy Nancy book)
 Ducati made a "poopy diaper" color which lead to Lily making a poopy diaper pile on our driveway. Hey, at least they're learning about colors.

After Hailey was done with her homework she wanted to join in on this science project. :-)
Everyone had so much fun outside learning about colors that I'm going to have to search around to find another snow lesson before everything melts.

Mom note: I absolutely love it when I can see with my own eyes my kids minds growing with knowledge that I was able to give them. Absolutely amazing feeling :-)
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