Monday, January 7, 2013

FHE: Lily's Band

This week's Family Home Evening it was Lily's turn for the lesson/activity. She's been really excited these past few days.

Here's why- (alittle background info)
The day after Christmas all our decorations came down. Everything was boxed up, packed neatly away, and put back into the garage. I love an uncluttered home. However this started me on a HUGE house binge. I've pretty much gone through each room and gutted it. I mean deep cleaned each room. I had each person go through all their belongings and helped guided them to those hard departure decisions. However after 2 full garage bags and 4 boxes of donation items things are starting to look like a real home again.

But part of the things that got gutted were the kids toys. Especially Lily and Ducati's things. With birthdays and Christmas back to back they had 3 huge Rubbermaid totes filled with toys. So they had to make some hard choices on what to keep and what to donate. But I'm proud of them for being able to make those hard choices. I think it was because of the added motivation I gave them. Mike and I only wanted toys that helped create creativity. Items that helped develop their little minds instead of making it into mush. And in exchange I told them I'd buy them some more "Super Awesome Smart Toys". They loved this idea. :-)

So while at the D.I. one day the girls and I found these awesome kid instruments. Flute, harmonica, drum, recorder, trumpet, and tambourine. My girls were so happy which in turn made me happy.

After teaching Lily about the instruments and their classifications (woodwinds, brass, etc.....Hey, she asked it was time for some band practice)

Now back to Lily's FHE

She planned to put on a performance tonight for everyone. She wanted everyone to play an instrument while she sang a few primary songs. So during the week she went to each person and show them how to play the instrument, which buttons to push, how to make the sound she wanted, and the look at her for the stop/go sign.

Conductor and Performer all rolled up into one. :-)

So for FHE she passed out the instruments to everyone and we made our first debut performance as....

"Lily's Band"
She had us start out with "I am a child of God."

 Then we merged into, "Book of Mormon Stories"

And finished with an original song from Lily about loving Jesus and cats. 

It was a sweet,fun, and LOUD family activity. I'm glad she shared her talent of music with us. It was very entertaining to watch Lily soaking in all our applause. 
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