Tuesday, January 22, 2013

29 years old

I was telling Mike that I don't feel older this birthday but I feel wiser. He smiled which lead me to laugh. :-) Perhaps not super wise but more grateful this year.

Mason and Hailey didn't have school today so I had planned to go out with them. Somewhere super awesome to have a super awesome good time. But after a weekend of home projects and my new sleep schedule I was so exhausted to do anything. 

Mike was nervous this year since he didn't purchase me 1 gift for me to open on my birthday. I reassured him that I didn't want anything. Just the week before he gave me the OK to splurge and buy some things that I've been wanting for a while. A cell phone, curtains, new dishes, the girls their bunk beds, etc. So my heart was content :-)

But he did do something very sweet for me. When I woke up I found 29 notes all around our house expressing to me how amazing I am. This for sure was a nice way to wake up. :-)

This year I was just so happy to have spent my birthday with my family. We had a great evening together. We had a family movie night, enjoyed some gluten free pizza, bowls of popcorn, and a yummy cake-alternative. (I've been trying to cut back on sugar so I made a chocolate dipped fruit platter instead. Mike put a candle on it so I can make my birthday wish)
But what more could I really ask for. I feel very blessed for the people in my life. The experiences I've lived. The knowledge I've gained over the years. I'm just one lucky gal. I'm very happy to see what this year has in store for me.

Maybe more chocolate dipped fruit....YUMMO! haha :-)

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