Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions

On New Years Eve I was talking to Mike about the parable of the 3 trees.

(Each tree wanted to be something great for themselves. But God had a different plan for them. For example one wanted to be a treasure box that held gold and gems. However it became a feeding box in a stable. Which later it held the greatest treasure of all. Jesus Christ. )

So I was talking with Mike that my resolutions did happen just not the way I originally planned.

My first one was to read 48 books this year. I didn't read 48 new books. But I did read about 30 new books for both me and to my kids. And as a family we've 9 books in the Book of Mormon. So I've met my goal just in a better way.

My 2nd goal was to have $1,000 in savings. However this year I have been able to save our family over a $1,000 just not in the way I planned. With Mike's job changes his wage has significantly gone down since the beginning of the year. But with the help from Heavenly Father I've been successful with my couponing and freebies that I've been able to keep our family afloat for about $1,000 less than last year. So I've met my goal just in a better way.

And my last goal was to stick to my calendar. I had this system of kids dates, Mike and I date nights, temple dates, visiting teaching dates, etc. Which didn't happen at all to my plan. The calendar ended up being just that....a calendar. I still write everything down in it like doc appts, visiting teaching appointments, etc. But I've learned to be led by the spirit and not by my calendar. 
Mike and I don't have as much time as we use to so now minutes together count as a date. :-)

(You'd believe it if you seen us on Sunday at church. When Hailey and Lily go to Primary and Mason takes Cati to nursery Mike and I just sit in the chapel for a few more minutes so we can hold hands. Then he walks me to class and those few minutes are cherished more now than they use to be. )

Back to my calendar I've been able to do alot of what's on there as well as more. So I've met my goal just in a better way.

So this year Mike and I aren't making any new resolutions. We're just going to focus on all the things we've been doing last year so we can master them by the end of this year.
But I am excited to see what this year holds for us. I'm excited about the plans we've made. The goals we've been working on. The new memories that we'll be making. And just like the 3 trees it can be even better than I planned.

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