Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pirate Island

Wow!!!....(that's all) JK

Really though. There's a restaurant in Orem called Pirate Island. We all have been excited to go here and have waited a few weeks to get the courage to make the drive down south in our beat up van. But we said a pray and made the trip. During the ride the kids entertained themselves
But when we arrived it was nothing but cheers. We set out the rules before we even got out of the van. Order food, 2 games, eat, then more games. Everyone was in agreement.

Mike and I have never seen the kids eat so fast....EVER!!! I would guess minutes....then we upheld our part of the deal..... (photo gallery)

Then best way to describe this place is eating in a Pirate Ship with Pirate waitress/waiters, Pirate decor, games to win tickets to win..Pirate booty, pirate ship playland, etc. with regular non-pirate food.
Lily was just so excited to be here. Love this photo!

I tried to get a photo of the kids in front of the treasure chest but the skeleton pirates kept making noises and it would scare Hailey and Lily. It was funny to watch. And since it will be a while before we headed down again each kid got a pirate bag full of pirate coins, gems, pearls, and jewels.
Mason was so happy with this fun experience he didn't mind the hour drive back home.
But on a parent note: sometimes I wonder if my kids have fun on our family outings. But when they pass out from exhaustion it makes me smile. Like we did a good job.
Thank you Pirate Island for making our day.
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