Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kid date

Mike and I went on a much needed date. It seems that our monthly date isn't enough with all our million of kids. So Grandma Sue and Peppy came over to babysit Lily and Ducati. (Thank you so much)

We first went to Bountiful Temple. I really needed a spiritual uplifting. Being a mom has it's draining moments.  But it was such a great feeling. I absolutely love doing proxy sealings. It feels like we renew our vows each time. But we left smiling and recharged.
Then we came home to change into some more date friendly clothes and so I can nurse Ducati. It was kind of like intermission. But Grandma sue understood. Next we went to Boondocks. Crazy feeling going there without kids. But way more fun.

Mike placed 4th in the Go-Kart raceways. Then we played some video games. We had so many people looking at us play these kid games without kids. But we didn't care...we were having too much fun. After our gaming time we picked out some prizes. At this moment our parent voices spoke up and told us to get some prizes for the kids. So we did.....
But Mike got these awesome rattlesnake singing magnets for himself.

You throw them in the air and they make a crazy sound like....rattlesnakes.

Anyways after our date we headed home and watched a movie, Extraordinary Measures, with Grandma Sue. Lily loved Peppy from a distance. And Ducati survived not being attached to my hip. Yeah!

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