Monday, June 21, 2010

You're so loved

This year the kids and I spoiled Mike for Father's Day. Saturday after scout's camp we began our celebration. The kids made these crafty hearts that Mike really liked since he's into tools and stuff. And we purchased him a few of his favorite things. 4 gallons of Moon Pie ice cream, a new Lions shirt,
a new photo dog tag, 2 movies and a journal. For dessert Hailey and I made him a strawberry cheesecake. Mike really felt spoiled. He enjoyed it!  But after gift time we headed outside and played. This is our favorite summer activity so far. Mike made an attachment to our trampoline so water can squirt out. It's really nice on hot days.

Afterwards we all headed in, ate dinner, watched one of his movies (Return with Honor) and he shared his delicious dessert. It was a wonderful day. On Sunday sincewe had church and Mike had to work I made him a breakfast for champions. But looking back in our almost 3 years together I couldn't of asked for a better father. He picks up where I leave off. He laughs with me when our kids have tantrums. He loves all 4 kids even when they drive him to take a mile walk to cool down. We love our dad and are thankful to have him. So we made this poster for Mike.... (I hope you can read it)

Happy Father's Day
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