Saturday, June 26, 2010

Scout Camp (Jurrasic Journey)

Mason made it on his first official Scout camp

On the first day there were 15 other boys and a total of 4 leaders in our group

The first thing we did was learn the rules. And they made a very big deal about recycling, and told us to be sure and recycle.

Then to pass some time until all the other troops had checked in, the Scouts did a stick pull. Mason did very good at this activity. He weighs a good 25lbs more, and is about 6 in. taller than anyone else in his troop.

Here are some of the scouts playing in the giant dinosour foot prints.

Here's our troop singing along with the camp leaders.

Nature hike

The enterance to the Volcavo. Inside, I learned about rocks, I say I learned, because all the Scouts in our troop already knew about all the rocks they had to show. It really made me feel dumb.

On a side note. This is the car that the camp supervisor drives, when he pulled up a billowing cloud of smoke followed. After I finished caughing, and gasping for air, I took this picture. If you look closely you will see that the muffler and exhast system is held together by rope. No amount of recycling will compensate for the amount of damage this car does to our atmosphere.

And we finished up day one learning about flags.
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