Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nicco Dayz

Mike had a great company party. From 8am- 1pm the day was filled with great family fun. First we hit the games and activities. There was a pallet jack race for the employees. Mike didn't win but he was the fastest one out there. He would of won if he didn't nick a pallet. But he still did a great job!

Then after working up an appetite we headed to the free food and drinks. Mason loved this. He eats like a grown man. Ducati loved the ice cream.

 Next Face Painting. But in Ducati and Lily's case they got painted on their arms.

And here's some other fun photos:

(Mason sat on those tires to help the smaller kids who would crash into them back on the go-kart course. He is growing into such a young man) Then he fell asleep during the drawing.Ha Ha. But the day was coming to an end so I took all the kids back to our van while Mike waited to see if he won.

And he did won a prize. A canopy chair, a hat, and 4-in-1 emergency radio, flashlight, outlet thing. It sure was a fun afternoon. Everyone there was friendly, kind and fun to be around. I can see why Mike likes his new job.

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