Friday, May 13, 2016

Utah Opera/ Clark Planetarium

Our family motto is the world is our classroom. So we need to get out and have experiences to learn and grow. So this week we went to a special performance at  Utah Opera called
"Who wants to be an Opera Singer?"

I've taken my kids to this before years ago but now that Cati and Lily are of age to form and retain memories it feels like we have to do everything all over again so they remember this time around. 

My kids learned about the different type of opera singers, Soprano/Tenor/Mezzo/ Bass. How singers use their breathing to make their voices sound sweet instead of screaming. They learned about duets and trios. They just had a blast!

Mason did come along but he's coming of age where he doesn't want his picture taken. So I'm just going to have to remember how he sat in the back by himself. How he didn't want to sit by his sister on the floor. He wore basketball shorts and his red shirt. 

Since we still had some time before Mason and Hailey went to their grandma's we went to the Clark Plantetarium

Like I said above Lily and Cati don't remember this place so it was all new to them. Mason and Hailey took the lead and showed their partners around. 

They learned about black holes, tornadoes, prisms, but their favorite spot was the solar system. 

 A quick trip to Mars. Yup! You can wear shorts and sandals on Mars.

Mars Selfie! That's a thing, right?

 Mason is waving to me like Neil Armstrong. He's also reciting Neil's words of,
"One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind."
Where does this teen get this stuff? Oh yeah... BOOKS!!

After learning about our weights on different planets we added to them by grabbing some tacos from the food truck parked out front. Supporting local vendors is important!
Field trips are so important in learning. I'm excited for our next one.

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