Sunday, May 1, 2016


We love being outside! And with the weather warming up this is the perfect time to venture out and experience all what God gave us. 

I reserved our tickets to do the cave exploration so everyone was so freaking excited! 
We had 2 hours to get to the top so of course we took our time.  

When we picked up our tickets we also picked up Junior Rangers packets. This was our first time and we absolutely loved it!
Lily really took the heart her commitment to protecting the national parks. 
As we walked she would pick up trash and put it in her bag. Or she would a fallen rock back onto the mountain dirt. It was adorable!!!

This rock cracked us up!

It looks like this skinny stick is holding it up. We were too nervous to see if it was or not with Jr. Ranger Lily beside us. 

I took this picture to remind myself of God's awe. He's so mighty and powerful that he made these huge mountains with strong rocks that can last millions and millions of years. Then he can also make man, so tiny and fragile. It amazes me to see God's strength only a few feet away from me. 

Pics from the hike. 

No the cave is not going green. This is my husband pointing at stuff with his laser pointer. So now I have tons of photos with green dots everywhere.

That's ok. I love my guy!

The hike up was hard. Hailey, Mason, and I were sweating buckets on our way up. Lily, Ducati, and Mike had small leg cramps but were fine the entire time. Hint that we need to get in better shape. 

Walking down was much easier. After our 55 minute cave tour and learning all about cave bacon, lakes, mining, etc it was time to head down. Walking down was harder. With the steep incline you naturally want to pick up speed but there's signs everywhere to walk and not run. So this took some effort to remain walking and not run down the mountain side. 

I was taking a break on a bench and seen everyone looking out onto this amazing view. When I got up everyone was like, "Mom, you ready to walk!" I was so bummed I missed my chance to take the photo that Mike told everyone,"Who left the car door open?" So of course everyone looked out to the parking lot to see if the car door was open.... and I got my picture! See- I love my guy!

After hiking for 4 hours, filling our their Jr. Ranger booklets, and answering all their questions Hailey, Lily, and Ducati were sworn in as Jr. Rangers at Mt. Timpanogos. 

They were so excited! Hailey picked a patch that she plans to sew onto a backpack. Lily and Ducati picked out a plastic Ranger Badge that they have since pinned to their hiking bags. New goal this summer is to collect tons of those Jr. Ranger badges. 

I'm fine with this goal. We get into parks for free since we have a pass. And the Jr. program is free too. So of course we're game!

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