Monday, May 2, 2016

Church History Museum

Another Temple Square Adventure. 
This time at the Church History Museum. Last year it was closed for 8 month so the whole thing could get gutted and remodeled. It was worth the wait. It's so amazing! 

New exhibits. 
New technology.
New things to touch.
(Almost everything is hands on now)

Lily is building a church castle with these wooden blocks. 

Cati is giving singing a song on the podium. 

Doing an art scavenger hunt. 

Playing with the all touch screens. Apparently if I scribe for Joseph Smith the Book of Mormon would have been completed in 31 days instead of 63 days. 

Looked at the actual clothes that Hymn wore when he was killed. (See the yellow arrow) This made me tear up. To be seeing the clothes that Hyrum was murdered in brought "IT'' all together. 

Experienced the size of Liberty Jail. It's built to actual size of the real Liberty Jail. 
 There's even a cold breeze blowing in the jail section so you can feel what Joseph felt.

My poor Mason would not have made it very long. He could barely walk around. He has to buckle his knees or tilt his head. 
Ducati gave it a try on pulling stones up like how the Mason's did. 

There's demonstrations daily in certain areas. This day we learned about wood graining.T he pioneers loved the rich colored woods but all there was in Utah was pine wood. So they painted the pine to look like marble, cherry wood, granite, etc. They were like the pro's of faux! 
Here's my hands giving it a try graining with a rubber roller thingy. It was a little harder than it looked. 

Then we did the scavenger hunts that are offered for the museum. These are really fun!!!

Then after lunch we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful grounds.

Even when I'm getting a photo of my kids they gather spectators. See the lady (yellow arrow). She kept watching my kids when they were posing their silly poses. It's so cute.... they have fans!

The Church History Museum is one of our favorite places to visit. Between the art pieces, kid activities, and those yummy honey taffy they sell in the gift shop we'll be back again. 

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