Friday, May 6, 2016

Layton Duck Park

With the weather going back and forth from warm and rainy; we just want to get outside! 
So we went with my sister in law to Layton Duck Park. We found this cute bridge that goes over a rushing stream. 

 All our kids! We tried for get everyone to smile at the same time with with 6 kids we're happy that 50% of them smiled.
 Everyone loves feeding these crazy ducks. These ducks chase kids! If you have bread in your hand and walk away from them they will chase you! 3 kids were chased from the geese trying to get tortillas.

We all had to tease the geese for their funny noises. So we gave it a try mimicking the noise- We failed!

 And look at those baby geese! We all wanted one! So FLUFFYYY!!!!

After playing on the playground for close to 3 hours we left for lunch. But it was a nice break for me and my sister in law so we can chat and catch up. And for our kids to play and enjoy cousin time.

 And luck came our way and our neighbor has baby geese she was getting rid of. So we took them!! They are so fluffy!!! We took the geese for a visit to my sister in laws so her kids could hold them.

The entire time my neice kept asking, "Should I keep a baby duck?"
I'd say "No".
She would say then, "Should you share with me?"
I just wanted to give them to her but 2 toddlers might not have ended well with the geese.

But our luck ran out. My neighbor wanted the geese back to give to a bird sanctuary so they left. So for 1 night we had baby geese. 

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