Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert

Before the break Mike and I went on a date to see the MoTab Christmas concert. I got the tickets from my boss so it was a last minute date night but that's ok with us. A free date works in our budget.

We've never been to a Christmas concert so being here was absolutely amazing. We had great seats! Like 6th row from stage. So instead of seeing the peoples faces on the jumbo screens we could see everyone up close. I was even able to hear to famous Mac Wilberg (Mr.Mac) count down his orchestra. It was wonderful. 
We felt the spirit there so much. I cried the entire time. Mike was kind enough to let me hide my teary face in his shoulder so the people around me wouldn't hear me sniffling. 
The choir was amazing. 
The opera singers made me cry harder.
The dancers were wonderful. 
My date was hot. 

Afterwards we grabbed some hot chocolate from a street vendor and walked temple square looking at the Christmas lights. 

Mike and I haven't made the proper time to enrich our relationship so it was nice to spend some one on one time with him.