Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Los Angeles

So after my shift on Saturday night we started our drive to California.

Our 10 hour drive!

Anyways when we got there we went to Getty villa  first (see post) then to our hotel. Which turned out to be not what the website said so I cancelled my reservations and found another hotel within minutes. Thank you Bookings.com

Anyways this place was big, spacious and in the heart of L.A. 
Funny thing was Michael Jackson stared at you all the time.
But our kids liked it since there was cable, unlimited juice and Lily could lift the ironing board. Which she did A LOT !

Anyways after visiting a few places and constantly paying for parking we decided we are not LA people. (Target charges you parking. Boo!)
Why would they paint their fire hydrants silver? We were and still are baffled.
At least we got to see the Los Angeles temple. We could get closer without paying again for a meter.

We dislike LA!

But we did find a beach. That was nice until we had to pay for $6 parking. Grrr! 
Calm down....Venice beach was wonderful 
Mike inhaling the ocean scent.
Our girls the sand climbers
Our kids just played and played
They are saying merry Christmas.
Mike on the other hand started feeding the birds our P3's.
At one point he had about 20 birds circling around him catching food as he threw it in the air.
After lunch mike and Cati built a sand castle
While Lily and I made a sand Christmas tree with seashell ornaments and see weed tree skirt. 
Then we climbed ocean rocks
Respect the shark!

Next we collected some seashells and sand dollars since the tide was coming in. Perfect time :) 

We got enough seashells for us girls to have a craft night. And a few sand dollars to make into ornaments for our Christmas tree. Yes! :) craft time :)
So Lost Angela as Lily called it turned out to be ok. I guess we're more beach people than..... Anything else people.