Thursday, December 31, 2015

Haileys birthday

So before I caught my big break (get on words) our families schedules were pretty full.

Hailey turned 10! For her birthday we did  something  small since our budget was teeny tiny from California. She woke up to a decorated living room, we did a few homeschool worksheets, everyone played outside until mike came home, then we had cake/ice cream/presents/ and a movie night. 
She didn't tell me what she wished for. I'm guilty of being too busy to ask her. (Man I was really missing opporthnites being her mom) 
A few facts about Hailey:

She wants to be a chef/baker when she grows up. 

She wants 10 kids. 

To be married in a temple near an ocean. 

Plans to babysit to earn money for her mission & college. 

She likes to shop for statement wild pieces and isn't afraid to pair a cheetah print dress with cowgirl boots.( it actually looks really cute)

She loves to watch cooking shows like cupcake wars or anything on the food network. 

She's more patient that she likes to admit. 

She loves to read and collect books.

She enjoys being outdoors but she will say she's more of a warm weather person. (We all are)

She loves the ocean. 

The movie Lilo and Stitch since it talks about families.

 She's an animal lover of all creatures. 

She struggles at times having two seperate families but we try to help soften that blow but encouraging open communication. 

She's a very loyal friend. 

She loves her cousins. She loves being girlie with S and K. She loves playing or watching mason and A goof off. She loves how tiny and cuddly A.S. But she especially loves D. Since the day he was born she's taken a special lovin' to him. 

She's loves her family. Like really loves them. She talks about how she loves coming from a big family. 

She Laughs so loud that I can hear her downstairs. 

She copies my attitude to the tee so this puts me in check a lot. 

She will yell at anyone making fun of her siblings. She's very protective. 

She is the sibling that each kid goes to asking questions or wanting to talk to when they don't want to come to mike and I. 

Spelling is her weakness. Charity is her strength. 

She doesn't play with toys anymore but she does have a few stuffed animals she keeps with her. Sasha the dog. Stitch from disneyland. And big john, the bear I had as a kid. 

She's very sentimental 

I can go on and on about her. She's so amazing. I tell her often that God has a great plan for her. All she needs to do is trust him and she does.

I love her so very much. She has taught me so much about myself and the person I want to become that I'm grateful God put her as my teacher.