Friday, January 1, 2016

One week

Yesterday i celebrated my one week-a-versary of breaking my back. During this week of being bed bound I've had a lot of time on my hands. I've gone through my stages of grief. Thank goodness that is over. (Or at least mostly over.)
But I've allow the fact that The Lord loves me and he's given me this time to remind me. 
I wasn't listening to him due to my overly loud ego that was hurt along with my back. And this pain can turn my attention into tunnel vision.
But I'm so thankful for his other children who have helped deliver his message to me.

I've had an overwhelming amounts of calls,texts, and messages from people sending me encouraging words. 

I've had a friend drive 45 minutes to visit me and shared with me some of her essential oils that have helped dull  my pain. 

I've had families from my neighborhood cook dinner every night for my family which has helped mike not have to learn how to cook. One less burden for him.

I've been able to walk a little with my walker. 

I've had a stranger who has never met me nor my family deliver an amazing meal to us just because she heard what happened to me from another person.

I've been blessed with wonderful sister in laws who have taken my girls and cared for them better than I ever could. (Lily wants me to go to a Zumba class next time)

My mother in law brought us groceries so mike wouldn't have to leave me longer than necessary. 

I've been able to push back my pain medications a little at time. The pain is there; it's not going anywhere but i can do hard things. 

I know that God answers my prayers in his time. But when many people pray and come together to knock on his door he answers faster. And he has.