Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Getty Villa

Since we left utah early since we were so excited for disneyland I planned a few activities for us to do in L.A. 
This one was going to the gardens/art museum at Getty Villa. At least that's what I think it's called. I totally pinterested  it :) 

The gardens were so pretty. A little too pretty since our two little's wanted to pull all the flowers out for themselves. 
(Only 1 rose was hurt in the making of this blog post)
The rest of this museum was a MUSEUM... so our kids of courses touched thousand year old art pieces that made security to follow us the entire 2 hours we were there. 
Thankfully we found the family room aka the kid room where the kids can play with fake pottery and no one cared if they dropped it. 
Found this Meg vase. Just perfect!
Mikes creation. Flour! Hahaha! 
Lily's pottery creation. "Be happy" 
Mason making a hydra that's so fitting for this trophy. 
Anyways in the kids room I found a vase scavenger hunt. So each room had 1-2 vases the kids had to look for then mark off. 
This was a great idea since now our kids only touched 1-2 things in each room instead of everything. 
Lily being fascinated by a waterlily. 
She was very close to being named this. 
Anyways back to art.
 Besides having really old pottery and naked statues there was tons of roman/Greek mythology stuff. So completely up Masons alley. 
Plus weird heads hanging everywhere. 
Hey at least they were by pretty flowers.
Funny thing was after all the trouble our kids got into (no one grounded just told over and over again to not touch things) they each said this was their favorite place. 

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