Monday, August 3, 2015

Fairy Forest

Mike was helping someone out in Kamas so since it's an hour away he asked me if  I'd like to come with him. So after looking around to see what our girls and I can do while he's working I agreed to come with.

I read there is a Fairy Forest that there's tons of fairy houses all occupied by magical fairies. :) But to show your appreciation to the fairies for allowing you inside their village you show bring a gift. 
So Mike had a stop at a hardware store for paint and a few other supplies. So while he was working the girls and I went exploring around a construction site looking for things we could recycle into something magical. 
We found rocks to make houses.  sticks for roofs. Sand to add pixie dust too. Metal screws and washers to make a windchimes. It took us a few hours to clean and construct our creations so this gave Mike a good while to work. 

After our houses were done Mike took a break and drove up to their not-so- secret fairy village. Up to Mirror Lake, park at mile marker 17, hike to the right, cross the campsite road, cross a river of rocks    ( literally no water only a stream of rocks) then we had to take another right and cross over a dropped log. Once we crossed the rock river and took that right we could see the fairy houses. 
They were everywhere. Some fairies kept their houses simple and some are pretty fancy with tea sets and pools. 
Ducati enjoyed looking inside each house to see if there are any fairies inside. 
Flying like fairies 
Some of our favorites. A fairy temple. 2. Setup'a with hashtags that I IG. 

Some fairies are ninja turtle fans. 
Some are best friends with smurfs. 
But here's out additions. Left to right: Angie's, Ducati's, then Lily's. 
Lily made a castle with a bridge to the top.
Cati made a bed with a pink pixie dust pussywillow lantern.
And I was suppose to make a boy fairy house but it's sort if hard when Lily and cati picked out pink, orange, white and another pink paint. So my house is white with an orange polka dotted roof.

It was fun to walk around and see everything. When I read about the fairy forest it only was a small patch in the woods but when we went it spanned maybe a 1/2 a mile. It just adds to the magic.