Friday, August 14, 2015


I really need to empty my phone storage. I have tons of pictures of all sorts of things.

Like Hailey and Lily took swim lessons. Hailey already knows how to swim but the pool won't let her skip until she at least went into the level 1 class. So Lily learned how to float on her back, blow bubbles, open her eyes under water, and fart underwater without people knowing. That's my girl!
Ducati on the other hand did not do classes but had to come anyways. 

She oftener joked that she's the only kid who isn't in the pool. Poor girl. She needs to be 6 to join but we managed to have fun while her sisters had class. 
I got a new nephew, Xavier. Cutie! 

The girls met Elsa. They were excited she shops at Smiths too. 

I've become one of "those" pet owners. I try to sneak my bunnies with me everywhere I go. They're pocketsize for a reason. 

My block is the luckiest place around. The double rainbow told me so.