Wednesday, July 29, 2015



In teaching my kids that there will be times when they will have a choice; to sacrifice time, money, talents, or their physical self to help achieve a greater goal. Because nothing falls into your lap. I tried explaining it over and over again and then my opportunity came along. My work was offering part time workers more hours. So after talking it over with Mike I signed up to do 6 weeks of double shifts. (8hours a day) which all the money will be used to pay off our #getawaytoday payment plan for Disneyland. This week is my first of six weeks and I'm so tired and sore.  Hailey asked me what was this #Mickey on my badge for and I retaught the lessons of sacrifice for goals. She looked me, gave me a kiss in the forehead, an told me to relax; that she'll make me lunch. 

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