Saturday, August 29, 2015

More important than money

I worked 5 weeks of doubles. I slept as much as I could; which still didn't feel like I had enough.
But I got to the point where I was missing my family especially Mike so much I would cry while driving into and from work. 
So after talking to my lead I told her I quit doing doubles and I'm going back to my regular 4 hour shifts. 
So on my last day of doubles I must if smiled the entire 8 hours of my shift. I waved goodbye to everyone I met who only worked the first shift and drive home as fast as I could. 
To celebrate Mike and I went on a date.
This rarely happened since all I wanted to do was sleep. It's nice to be able to bind again with him and not fall asleep. 
I've missed him so much. And during this ordeal I've learned that money does bring small freedoms but it doesn't bring happiness. And I love him too much to allow anything come between us.