Friday, August 28, 2015

Temple Square

One of my girls favorite places in Utah is Temple Square. 
They talk about it all the time. 
So one day after Mason and Hailey went to their other dad's house I took them to their favorite place to look at all the gorgeous flowers. 
They must of smelt every flower. Lily asked the church gardeners how many flower were on temple square. He smiled and said tons. But no one knows exactly how many.
Lily walks back to me and tells me what he said then adds," God knows how many." A smile just formed on me. 

Anyways we waited for mike to get off work to join in on the fun. So while we waited a little longer they wanted to see the shiny chandelier (it's at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building)
They wanted to see the waterfalls near the temple.
They of course had another adorable moment. Lily seen a piece of gum in the waterfall and she says outloud," oh no! daddy is going to have to clean that up. Messy people!"

As pictures above Lily and Cati loved these little temple square maps that two sister missionaries gave them so they posed with them at every opportunity.

Now that mike was off work we went to visit the "Big Jesus". (The Christus)
These girls were running the statues feet trying to feel the holes on his toes.
I love that they love Christ as much as I do. 
It brings me much joy knowing they love and feel comfortable surrounding themselves around God.