Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Somewhere Hike

Living in a new city has helped us grow in more ways than we thought. Our old town we lived blocks away from the mountain trails. A small trail was right behind our old house. We could see deer running on the mountainside from our own backyard. We miss this convenience. So living in our new house in our new town it's mostly farmland. Ok it's 99% farmland. It's nice to see horses running fields, picking up local produce from the farm down the street, and being able to see more stars at night than we've ever seen. But our family have missed the trails. 

 But yesterday Mike and I loaded up our kiddos and drove until we found a trail. It shouldn't be that hard since Utah is surrounded by mountains but finding a trail near us was just a stroke of luck. Mike drove straight, then turned a few streets which he had no idea where he was but just kept heading straight until we found a trail. Yeah!
 Our family was so excited to hit the outdoors again. Ducati is our family river jumper. She's brushing up on her skills :)
 Something about being outdoors that just calms the spirit, cleanses the mind, and connects our family.
 Mike and Hailey had a nice daddy-daughter chat the entire 2 hours talking about everything and anything that came to mind.
 Mason and I are the family laggers who trail behind everyone. That's fine with us :)
It was so nice to just get out and enjoy nature at it's finest. I look forward to our next mystery trail hike. :)

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