Monday, February 9, 2015

Ducati's Daddy Date

 Mike had the chance to go on an amazing and memorable daddy daughter date with Ducati on Saturday. They went to a father daughter dance. Mike loves these type of events.
Lily and I helped Ducati get ready for she special date. She put on her little kid makeup, all her special clothes and her gorgeous smile. ( all her special close are her Sofia the First dress, her cheetah flats, hello kitty headband, an her Elsa necklace) 
Mike went above and beyond to make this night special by knocking at the door for his date and presenting her with a  bouquet of flowers (fake so they will last the entire night) :) She felt so special that she couldn't stop smiling. 
She was so excited to go that they left our house a little early which meant they got to the dance early so they enjoyed the empty dance floor. This is where she brought out all her crazy dance moves. If only I could had recorded those moves :) Then they got some snacks, drinks, their face painted, some photos taken, and stood amazed by the real life disco ball...... Which according to Ducati was her life long goal. After enjoying everything Cati was ready to leave ( she's not a fan of big crowds) but when she came home she was all smiles for her special night with her first love, her daddy. 
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