Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ogden Dino Park

I love this weather. I love this fresh air. I love finally getting out of the house! And I love Groupons! They had a deal for 50% admission price to the Ogden Dino Park so I just had to do it!
 Since we homeschooling this gave Mike and I a chance to mix history, geography, art, science, and P.E. to be wrapped up all into one fun afternoon.
 My hubby totally enjoyed the Jurassic Park.
 He's always testing himself so he had to challenge himself to stand on the horn of this dino playset.
 So to ensure that our kids just didn't run around wild we assigned each kid to learn 3 "new" facts on dinosaurs. This was a challenge for Mason since he's an expert dino man.
 But they found out that the biggest dinosaur was the Giganticsaurus. That was easy right! It was even bigger than the T-Rex which was hard to believe for Mason. They learned that the Rabbit Dino which Ducati wanted to take home and cuddle.
 Lily learned about triceratops and their horns and skin. Which she now wants to find one and keep as a pet since they are so cute
 After looking around at all the dinosaurs outside we went inside to take a look at all at the indoor museum. This is where I made Mike a Valenetine.

And where Mike made me one too. Great minds think alike! ♥

(haha... Mike and I taking a selfie while our kids ran wild.... it's a benefit to having the museum to ourselves)

My little girl wanting a picture with her momma dino. I'm not sure if I should take that as an insult that I'm prehistoric old or compliment that she's getting into the dino mood. I'll take it that she loves me ♥
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