Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Mike had the week off from both jobs. (*squeal in delight)
It's been so nice to have him home. 
We've been stuck on him like bees on honey. 
But this holiday we took it easy. 
Stood home. 
Count up on some sleep. 
Helped Mike work on his car (it's broken right now). 
Played outside.
And played with sparklers. 

 We would have gone all out with fireworks but all the kids that live in our circle are 5 and under so that might have ended in some burnt little toes (<--- which Ducati got since she was barefoot)

But these sparklers were a great delight for all these little ones.
 Lily absolutely loved them. She asked for fireworks for her birthday. (just like her dad)

Even though we didn't go to any parades, attend a fireworks display, or wear red-white-blue it was nice to just sit back and enjoy eachother's company.
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