Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hogle Zoo

My parents purchased us a zoo membership last summer. And boy did we use that thing!
So with it expiring in a few days we went one last time. But this time we went with our neighbor and her kiddos. Which was nice A) I can have someone to talk too & B) an extra pair of eyes :-)

 The zoo had a Lego exhibit which was way more cooler than I thought.
 My Lego monkey's :-)
 My kids are so cute!

 Cati just kept petting the inside of this faux skull. I'm not really sure why (?) but she just kept doing it. Oh well......
 Trying to hide in the shade. :-)
 My only good photo of trying to get 7 kids to look at our camera at the same time. I gave up after a few tries. :-)

 My baby birds. Aww!!!! These two girls are too funny when they get together.
 Hailey, Ducati, Mason and Lily all taking a breather in this log. Hey- they're smart for finding shade when they could find it. :-)
 All the kids just kept saying, "Whoa!!" each time the sea lions swam by. So adorable to watch.
 Our kids admiring and trying to figure out how someone made this Lego Polar Bear.
 I have to admit whoever made these lego animals has very impressive skills.
 The closest I've been to penguins in a while. I ♥ Penguins.
 "What are you doing in there turtle?" asked Ducati.

 And we can't leave without going on the animal carousel. My girls loved this.

 Even Mason joined in. But don't tell him that I have a picture. He'll deny this ever happened.

After all our fun with our friends this was such a great outing to start the summer off. 
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