Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Run Down

I know it's been a while since I blogged. But have peace of mind knowing that we've been enjoying our summer. There's been so many things that we've been doing that here's a highlight of some of our events:

Making s'mores. Yummy!!!!

Going on a summer clothes shopping spree (at the thrift store)

Climbing trees

Coloring and enjoying some treats while Mike changed our alternator in his work parking lot. Yikes!

Making a fort in our living room

Eating lunch in our fort
 Enjoying some good reading
 Enjoying Netflix in our lovely A/C in 105 degree weather
 Slumber party in the living room

Coloring with new school supplies

Mike got himself a new bike. He's loving it!

Daddy bike rides.

Lily learned to ride a 2 wheeler. YEAH!!!

Seen my daughter accomplish one of her summer goals

Ducati got in her first bike accident. The sidewalk won this battle but it hasn't won the war.

Hailey and Mike riding dates. Each week they've gone on long distance rides together. Something they both look forward to each week.

I know that was a long and fast post. But now I am caught up and shouldn't get behind again. I promise! :-)
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