Friday, July 12, 2013

Food Bank

I've been having the prompting for the last week or so that I needed to donate to our local food bank. But me....being me... I wasn't sure about it until getting a friendly reminder.... from my husband :-)..... to always follow promptings since they'll only keep me in the right path.

So my kids and I went through our stockpile. Being a coupon family we were able to donate so much food that we filled up our van.

But do you see these smiles. :-) They felt so good and giggly after they helped unload our van that they couldn't stop smiling. I took that moment to talk to them about doing God's work. Sharing our blessings. And explaining how the spirit touched their hearts because they truly served someone.

They felt so good that Hailey asked me when will we go back.
 "Soon." I said.
"Can we go shopping so we can give it to the food bank?" asked Hailey.
After I fought back the tears I told her that I'll gather a coupon list with the new sales and see what we can gather for another donation next week.

I can't say no when my kiddos have that desire to serve.
Such a great day.

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