Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Man of Steel ♥

Father's day is always a hit or miss. Sometimes our kids are little angels and sometimes they are.... NOT! And this year they were not very nice. But then again what better way to be reminded of the unconditional love a father has for his children if our kids were perfect angels.

On Friday night Mike and I went to see, Man of Steel. I'm not a Superman fan but this movie was awesome. Mike- he was so excited that I found a sitter since he was secretly having doubts that he'd see this movie on opening weekend.

So this was my gift to him. And a new drill with drill bits that I gave him a month early since he was close to swearing when his old drill broke.

 (Hailey colored this for Mike. Cute!)

Our kids had sweet intentions. We took a trip to Dollar Tree and they each picked out some gifts for Mike.
Mason- root beer and headphones
Hailey- magic trick cards and pop-it fireworks
Lily- fruit snacks and cotton candy
Ducati- popsicles and some blue rocks.

Cute gesture until Mike wasn't looking; Lily and Cati raided his gifts and ate them all. Punks!

Mike truly is an amazing man. He's able to take the "step" out of stepdad and just be an amazing dad to all our kids.

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