Saturday, June 15, 2013

Double Date

Lily and I went on a date to Boondocks to play a round of mini-golf. Mike and Ducati were going to go do something different at Boondocks so they can spend some quality time. So there was no surprise to see Mike and Ducati following us to the golf course. So instead of a solo date it turned into a double date. :-)

Mike and I made a rule to never keep score until I learned how to correctly golf. So with some time and practice I worked my way up to keeping score now. Big accomplishment for me :-)

Lily and Ducati on the other hand- we just gave them par each hole plus some points for creativity. Like Lily pushing her ball like a vacuum cleaner into the hole.
So after 18 rounds of some insanely funny golfing Lily placed first, Ducati second, and Mike and I tied for last. :-)
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