Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pond Fun

The weather has been amazing so we couldn't just waste these gorgeous rays inside. We headed to the local pond to feed the ducks. 
 Secret weapon: birds love Cheerios! Whenever we throw this verses bread the Cheerios always get eaten first.

 And I read that ducks/geese suffer malnourished due to over eating bread that gives them no sort of vitamins. So some animal expert says to throw peas/corn/carrots instead so at least the ducks will have some sort of vitamins. So Ducati threw some peas..... Yeah-Sorry-we're sticking to Cheerios :-)

After the ducks were all stuffed we played in the water for alittle bit.
 Hailey was eyeing this rope swing for alittle bit until she finally gathered enough courage to take a swing. I'm so proud of her.

Lily collecting rocks. 

 Mike showing off his swinging skills.
 Yeah! He's super awesome!  He swung right in front and over me.
 But at his second attempt Mike crashed. He's OK. He says that he's alittle rusty at these sort of things and that he needs to do this stuff more often so he won't crash. OK babe :-)

 We splashed alittle. And skipped rocks. Found water treasures.

And Miss Hailey climbed this tree. 
 She's pretty proud of herself. Mason was thinking about climbing it until he realized how high it was then he backed down and went back to the pond to throw some big rocks.

This little afternoon adventure was so peaceful. I was telling my Mike, Mason and Hailey that when I was a kid I didn't go to ponds to skip rocks since I lived in a big city. Mason said to me, " Oh. Too bad Mom." Well thanks son! :-) It's OK- I'm glad my kids can have these types of memories.
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