Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wheel of Love

The last time we came to Lowe's Kid clinic my girls absolutely loved it. So this will now be a regular thing that we long that I remember to register in advance. The spots fill up fast.
Anyways this months activity was "Wheel of Love"

Lily was Miss Independent. She didn't want any help from me. She read the directions all by herself. Thank goodness for picture directions or she might have had a different tune about receiving help.
 All by herself :-)
Her finished product. She's so proud of herself. 
 Ducati on the other hand was alittle silly today. See the face....
 Half way through the project she wanted me to do it and she'll decorate it. Umm... so not happening. She wants the end result she's got to work for it.
 So she kept on trucking and hammering. Until finally she was done. She was so happy with herself for not giving up. And so was I. :-)
 In fact Ducati was so happy with herself that I couldn't take a picture of her with her wheel. So she put it on the table so I can take a picture.

I love attending these kid clinics with my girls. It goes to show that not only boys can build. That chicks with hammers are just as awesome....maybe even more :-)
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