Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day

Today is a great day for our family. 
No school. Only 1 person has a cold. And I get to spend time with all 4 of my kiddos this weekend. 
With it being President's Day I told Mike on the phone that I wanted to do something fun with my kiddos but on a budget...hahaha :-) I know- bad president joke! 

First off we went for lunch since I was too lazy and ill to make lunch. Mason asked if we could go to McDonald's so he could use his gift card that he got for Valentine's Day. Hey- works for me! 
Afterwards I took everyone to the Hill Air Force Aerospace Museum
I took my kids here a couple of years ago and didn't have much success. So I thought about it and decided to give it another try. My kids are older so they might enjoy it more. 

Plus it's FREE! :-)
They loved it!
Everyone was running around trying to find the bombs. I don't think the old vets liked that my kids were so interested in the bombs, guns, and bullets.
They enjoyed themselves.
Ducati showing me the "baby bomb".

Here's Ducati showing me the big behind of the plane. Not sure on the technical name but that's what makes it so much fun.
Now alittle outside fun.
Oops! Watch out-dead bird. Gross!

Lily is trying to stretch her arms out like this plane. hahaha....Nice try Lily
Hailey is much closer with her pick of plane at least.
Ducati told me that she can't find a baby plane so she'll measure to a plane wheel. Crazy to see that she's the same size of a wheel.
After a few hours of playing, exploring, and learning we were pooped and all wanted to take a nap. But I couldn't leave this area without a stop off at Krispy Kreme.
One of Mike's friends gave him a stack of Valentine's day cards that we're able to redeem for free donuts. Yummy!

My kids were so fascinated with the how-to's on making donuts. So for an entire day of fun all we paid for was $7 and the flu for the next week. :-)
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