Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

This year Mike and I were planning on having our kid's Valentine's party for all the neighbor kids but with my broken toe and a serious cold being passed around in our home we cancelled all plans and just kept it within our family. But it was still an amazing Valentines Day. 

First I want to post this picture of the gift I made Mike. I made him this scripture dog tag with Song of Solomon 3:4 on it. 
"......I found him whom my soul loveth...."
Mike liked it alot :-)
 After he went off to work I set things up for our kids. Each holiday is special in it's own way so this year I made them some Valentine's bags and Mike brought each daughter a pink rose in hopes they would keep their hands off my flowers (-:
 And nothing like balloons everywhere to add some extra holiday flare ♥ :-)
 Ducati was the first one up. She was so happy to come out and see this wonderful Valentines display that her squeals woke everyone else up.

Mason- he loved that he received "older" kid things. His favorites were the gift card to McDonald's, a painting project, a few candies, and a pair of cuff links.
 Hailey- her faves were a new journal, a nickname bracelet, a box of candies, and these candy earrings that I made her and Lily.
 Lily- she loved it all. She loved the owl socks, the candy earrings, the box of conversation earrings, and the "Lilly flower" coloring project.
 Ducati- I made her a candy necklace since she doesn't have her ears pierced. She didn't mind- she was happy to have a candy necklace. But above all she loved her craft kits.

 For breakfast I surprise my kiddos with GF cinnamon rolls. Mason loved his "Love Monsters" Much more boyish than hearts.

 And the girls got cinnamon hearts. From the looks of the photo you can see Cati couldn't wait to grab them.

 But after the kids were gone and off to school Lily ,Cati, and I went to the library for story time. They love going to story time. It's a great outing for us to add a small mix into our home schooling lessons.
 After story time and checking out tons of books we went home for a very special Valentines day lunch. Yesterday I made these heart ♥ shaped pizzas for everyone.
Mike, Mason, and Hailey all had these packed in their home lunches. It was a nice touch for this special day. All I to do was make the crust then use a heart shaped cookie cutter. Easy but very special :-)

When Mason and Hailey came home from school they tore open all their Valentine cards. Soon afterwards Mike was a home and we enjoyed some delicious gf spinach lasagna rolls. So yummy that I didn't even take a picture since it's so goooodddd!!!!

But to keep the evening calm and easy we had a great family movie night.

I know some people who just don't like Valentines day. It's commercialism, materialism, or some other sort of "-ism's" but honestly I've learned to love Valentine's day.
It's a day to celebrate those you love. Granted I love my family but today it helps me kick it up a notch and go all out to ensure that my family knows without a doubt that I love them. And after today I'm sure they do know. ♥ :-)
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