Friday, February 8, 2013

Fractured Toe

This has been the reason why I've slowed down on my home projects AND why I'm catching up on my blogging.
While shopping with my mom at (a place where there's a red target as their symbol) the fitting room door fell on my toe and fractured it. 
Scary but I'm so happy too. Lily was in the fitting room with me when she heard grandma and wanted to go with her. She wanted to crawl under the door but instead I told her I'd open the door for her. And right when she was out of room the door fell off it's hinge onto my foot.
I was crying my eyes out. More for the thought that the door could have gotten Lily than the pain I was experiencing. 
So now I'm walking around with this lovely post-op shoe until my toe heals which the doctor said will take a while. Boo!
But with essential oils, ibuprofen, and prayers I've been feeling so much better alot fast then the doctor thought I would. But hey with God on your side all things are possible. 

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