Friday, February 8, 2013

Blue and Gold Banquet

 Last night was Mason's scout Blue and Gold Banquet. These are always fun.
Since there's so much to write I'm just going to follow the photos.

Hailey enjoys going to Mason's scouting events but she's usually bored since it's all boys. But tonight she seen her new BFF and had a chance to play with her.
 The scout leaders had a western theme banquet so the leaders were making cowboy hats from paper. Ducati really wanted one so we told her if she wants one she'll have to mustard up the courage to get in line. So she did...
 and was so happy afterwards. She kept saying, "Woo hoo. I'm a cowboy"

 Lily and her cowgirl hat
 Mason and Mike. Mason was just talking with Mike on finding the perfect bandit name for him. Black foot Brown I think is what they settled one.
 Now Mason is trying to the most scariest bandit face he could do. I think Mike looks more scary just by squinting his eyes.

Ducati. She's such a cutie pie.

 Hailey and I. She had so much fun playing around with all the kids. Which is good since I am still limping around with a broken toe.
 After a potluck dinner it was time to pass out the awards. Mason was really excited. He might not be showing it but he is. He's been looking forward to this day for a while. Especially since I kept forgetting those pack meeting dates.
 He's pinning on the mother's pin since he recieved his Webelos badge. He kept saying, "I did it Mom! I did it!" Melt my mom heart why don't you.
 Mason receiving his 9 pins from his cubmaster.

 Showing off my pin. That's right- Mother Pride.
It was a great evening that we all had a chance to spend time with Mason with his fellow scouts.
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