Sunday, March 4, 2012

4 years

I. Love. This. Man....that's all!

Seriously now today we celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We had a quiet candlelit dinner, watched a movie, and enjoyed eachother's company. With Mike having such a busy schedule we very much enjoyed this must needed down time.

During our meal we talked about our last year together. Things we learned. Things we WISH we didn't learn. But we both had 1 thing in common- we were very grateful for our trials. 1 trial particularly not only broke us down to the core but helped us built back up even stronger together. And we were thankful that Heavenly Father helped us see "What holds us together is far more important than what tears us apart".

I am so grateful to have Mike in my life. I knew from the very second I seen him that I wanted him forever in my life. And I'm so happy that Heavenly Father showed me how I could.

4 years down and only an eternity to go...... M+A 4ever ♥
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