Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh.....our Monday

Mondays...so much to do but always have some time for 

I love clearanced price craft activities. Walmart had these for 25 cents. The way these girls love owls they loved making their own "glitter heart girl owls"

They must be related with those tongue shots.



a simple recipe of a baked corn tortilla, tomato sauce, and toppings. Each girl made their own so they thought this was a blast. Way To Go Mom- You're on a roll!


yes that's right. Box time! Every parent knows that kids love boxes more than their toys so after cleaning out some storage I had these large boxes left over so they became their entertainment for about an hour.


Well this was more Mike and Hailey. He had Hailey help him install an amp into the car. So she was screwing in bolts, handing Mike tools, etc. So Lily seen this so she came inside and did this...

 Cati was handing Lily different crayons while Lily drew bolts in her box. How funny! :-)


Mason started WEBELOS today. I don't know why he looks like this whenever I take his photo. I guess this is his version of striking a pose.

and then 


it was my turn to plan an activity so I planned this... a night at the park.

 And an intense game of tag/freeze tag.
 Here's Cati trying to tag Mike.
 I guess we're too slow for Mike since he was able to take a nap on the monkey bars.
 Cati carried Lily's bedtime bear most the night.
 Lily screamed in delight the entire night.
 So not a great shoot but do you see Hailey in the background? Standing on the bar. Then do you see Mike? He's laying on the bars as well. Wonder where she learned this???

This Monday was GOOD!

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