Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guess Who?

Guess who was born in 1801?

Guess who was the best friend of Joseph Smith?

Guess who was walked from Ohio to Utah to help saints from being prosecuted from mobs?

Guess who hiked up Ensign Peak 2 days after arriving in the land of Zion with a few other brethren and said those famous words "This is the place"?

Guess who felt the spirit so strong while at the hillside top? (Me.... there was tons of missions from the MTC there so how great is that! Here we are walking down the trail with some of them. Mason was so excited to see missionaries. He walked and talked with them most of the hike down. He can't wait to be a missionary.)

Guess who lived in 2 houses with his 20 wives and 57 children?

Guess who was called the "Lion of the Lord" and this is one of the reason why his home was called the Lion House? Today it's a restaurant with delicious pastries.

(only thing gluten free at the Lion House)

Guess who announced the Salt Lake Temple in1853?

Guess who was inspired to move the temple about a block due to a dream he had?

Guess who only had 11 days of formal education but knew how important it was to have an education so he built the U of U and paid teachers with cattle, eggs, grains?

Guess who was the 2nd prophet of the LDS church and was also included in Mason's history lesson?

Answer: Brigham Young.

I was so excited to see his name on the lesson program so I made this lesson into a history mystery and FHE. We went to all these historical places where Brigham Young went to so the kids can guess who we were learning about. It took them until the 3rd spot (his house) to guess who we were learning about. It was such a great afternoon. I can't wait to do one of these trips again.
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