Thursday, September 8, 2011

Black and White day

At school Hailey is learning the color wheel. So her teacher asked if possible each kid is to dress up in that days color.

 Today is Black and White day. Most of the other colors Hailey's had no problem finding something to wear. However today she did not had anything for these 2 colors. My first reaction was to tell her that her hair counts as black and she can wear a white shirt. But I knew how important this is to her so I stood up until 11pm sewing this skirt and this shirt for her. They were both from 2 of my shirts ( now I have an excuse to go shopping again) and when she woke up she was so surprised. She felt so special going to school in this outfit. I even made a headband with black and white fabric roses on it. I know over the top but nothing is to much for my daughter.
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