Saturday, August 6, 2011


Lately we have been trying to keep a low profile. Mike and I are focusing on something right now that is taking alot of focus. But all work and not play....makes us grumpy so today we packed it with fun-to-fun all day.

Morning: Neighborhood Kids Bike Parade. This was so much fun and I'm so glad that we woke up in time to participate. All the kids from our ward and neighborhood all met to decorate their bikes/scooters/trikes.  There was a route that the kids took around the neighborhood so they can show off their awesome rides.

Lily didn't want anyone to see her riding her bike. 

 Cati insisted on riding her bike that we ended up having to pull behind us right when the parade started.
Hailey- she had so much fun until the parade started. Mason and her were out of sight with all the other kids so Mike and I took the short cut to get to the finish line which was the park. But this bonehead mom didn't think to tell her about my lazy short cut so she stopped and started to freak-out since she didn't see us. But I feel so blessed to know such amazing people in our neighborhood that her Primary President that helped her get to the finish line. Let me just say this mom got a well deserved ear full from this 5 year old.

 Mike was prepared for the parade too. Until I reminded him that it was for 12 and under.

 Cati figuring out a way to ride her bike. After 5 minutes of self-riding she had tired herself out so this was 1 of the main reasons we took the short cut. Carrying a tired Cati and pulling a bike can be a real armful.
 And here's Lily riding her bike! She's so cute!!! She was booking it pretty fast when she crashed....the 1st time....she was officially the 1st casualty of the parade. But she got right back up and continued on....that's my girl!
 All the kids coming down our street pass the park to end up at the finish line which was the playground
 where our ward had a little snack for all those adorable riders. Here's Hailey after she calmed down from letting me have it.
 "Rolling down the street, on my big wheels, eating my Happy Meal" <---- it's a Weird Al song.
But it was so fun to watch everyone especially our kids since this is their 1st year doing the parade.
 On the way home someone decided to trade bikes with their younger sister.

A quick trip to the library where our kids got stickers from their bookmarks. So here's Mike accessorizing his glasses.

After Naptime: (a whole other time group)
We went to Willard Bay. This is our favorite water far......that has all that we want. Shade, low crowds, soft bay floors and no bird poop (a California thing)
We had so much fun playing in the water.


We stood their for a few hours but Mike had a great idea. Leave 1 hour before bedtime to ensure no one will fall asleep in the van. (mostly since I wanted to stay longer but we tend to 99% of the time end up with kids falling asleep in the van but can't get back to sleep when we get home) But his idea worked; everyone stood awake during the drive home. So right when we got home everyone changed their clothes and they were out like a light within minutes! Such a great idea! It was a nice change coming from no pace to low pace.
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