Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mulligan's Golf Date

I am so happy that Mike and I got a chance to go on a real outside date. We usually don't have a problem finding a sitter but we've been using all our I.O.U.'s for a class that we're taking. We don't want to take advantage of other people's kindness anymore than we have too. But grandparents are guilt-free sitters! YEAH!!!

Since the day was great with a small breeze we headed out to play a game of 18 hole golf.

Mike completely loves this game. He tells me that he feels really relaxed when he plays golf. I'm not one to judge since reading makes me relaxed. So after a hard week at work and a hard week of classwork we both needed some R&R (recreation and relaxation)

This was such a great shot!
 As for me- I am not a golfer. I just play one on TV. (haha) I am learning to golf. It takes alot more work than I ever gave it credit. It took me about 9 holes to really get a hang of it. And what I am mean by that I hit the ball without taking a chunk of grass with it.
Thank goodness Mike and I made the deal to not keep score until I learned the game. But we both know that he slaughtered me.

After a few hours in the sun we headed for a bite to eat at Chili's. Can't beat the 2 for $20 deal! But while we waited I grabbed one of their Chili's for Charity. Gotta love a cup of crayons and $1 donation. Here's our masterpiece. M+A 4eva...... Corny I know but I don't care.
After our meal we picked up our girls from my parents house. We were tired from being in the sun and they were tired from playing with 4 dogs so we made a quick trip to drop off a belated birthday gift to a friend then headed home. It was such a great day.
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