Friday, August 5, 2011

2 Nephi

2nd Nephi in the Book of Mormon seemed to be a real struggle to finish. 2 reasons- 1st making a new habit of morning family scripture study can be hard to make permanent so we did miss a few days but we made it back to complete it AND 2nd was the chapters are bigger so we had to break them down. But we did it!
So to celebrate our completion we had an ice cream party since "It's sweet to finish "

Our kids had so much fun! The picked and topped their own sundaes. 2 different ice creams (vanilla and cotton candy) with 5 different toppings from fruit to candy. So of course some of the mixtures were alittle on the super sweet side but that's fine with us. We've all earned it!
 Cati meant business....all shirts off she was going to get down and dirty.
 Mike with a more normal mixture
on the other side Hailey with every topping with cotton candy ice cream. I made her brush twice right after.
So we are well on our way into the entire Book of Mormon. We are all getting really excited!
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