Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad

Thank you Mom and Dad for taking us to Thanksgiving Point Ancient Life Museum today. We really needed a field trip day. We were getting bored with home school work.

 We had so much fun looking at the animal and dino skeletons. And thanks for letting us play in the kid fun-lands. They were so awesome.

 But why did you laugh when Ducati ate the sand? Sand is gross -not funny.

And did you know that Ducati is bigger than a Compsagnathus? I think that's how you spell it. It only weighs 4 pounds. I think she could eat it.
And Dad....that was not funny when you tried to put me in the sharks mouth. Don't do that again!
Mom...look we found Kevin from UP. You said it wasn't real.

But tell me why we can't kick each other in the head?
 She wasn't even awake. Fine....Sorry
Thank you Mom and Dad for taking us to the museum and we promise that next time you can pick where we have the field trip.
Love your kids
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