Saturday, September 18, 2010

Family Reunion

I have always known that Mike comes from a big family. He is 1 of 14 siblings. So today was a great chance to meet some more family from his father's side. Which turns out is even bigger than we both thought. It was really awesome to hear stories about family members, about my father-in-law, and to see how much of Mike's traits come from his dad's side. :-)

The kids mostly played at the huge family park in their backyard. Here's Hailey playing with her 2nd cousin
 (I think??)

Mike taking a minute to play with us. He can't resist a good swing.
Mason and Lily had so much fun playing at the family park.
Lily.....she's growing up so much. She was shy while we were here. She just kept to herself, ate a few cookies under a picnic table and played on the swing set.
Ducati's 1st time on a swing (I think???) How embarrassing that I'm not sure. Oh well....this will be the 1st on a swing that I took a photo to remember the memory.

"Small baby with a big button." Everyone wore name tags which was nice. With as many people that were there I enjoyed not being asked "Who are you?" They just simply looked at our tag and knew how we were related. ( Even Cati got tagged.)
Here's those cookies I was talking about. Best cookie EVER!!!!

Here's the whole family with Mike's grandma, Fern.

It was really nice to see and catch up with so many family members. But we had to leave due to tired babies and Pinewood Derby. But  afterwards Mike and I talked and realized that we had experienced an even more amazing event today- all 4 kids got to meet and spend time with their great grandma. I hope they remember today later down the down years.
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