Saturday, September 18, 2010

Derby Time

That's is Derby Time! The time of year that dad's go crazy over their son's car. Weights,Speed,paint and design all need to be top knotch. But we want Mason to do his best-not Mike's best. So Mason tried to make the most scariest car on the track in hopes that other cars will be too scared to race him. He makes me smile when I hear his wave of thoughts come through.
After Mason received more pins,patches and belt loops during the pack meeting it was off to the track.
Hailey and Lily seen Little A and Mrs. S. and wanted to sit with them for a little bit.
 Race time..... 

After about an hour Lily was getting antsy. I admit I was getting antsy too but she had a great idea. She headed to the nursery and met some other kids. Great minds all think alike cuz they were having a blast!
Mason didn't win the Pinewood Derby. He was bummed about it. But we talked to him and explained how to be a great team player. I had high hopes that this lesson would sink in....but we doubt it since when Mason was asked if he had fun-his reply "It would be great if my team let me win the race" Ummm....that's a whole other lesson. But Mason was proud of himself for getting the award of "Most Fearsome"
 That put a smile on his face. And I was glad to see him smile and know he can scare other cars. (He had a dragon car)
Oh yeah....What was Cati doing while the races where on? She was discovering how beautiful she is.I truly love this girl.

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