Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today Mason got baptised. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. For a while he didn't want to be but on his 8th birthday he told Mike and I that he wants to be baptised. We were excited! But he had to wait 3 months to finally set a date. In kid time it seemed forever. But we knew he was ready since he was willing to wait for so long. So when today finally came he was so excited. Mike was excited as well to be the one doing it.

Since we only had a weeks notice his attendance was cut to only a few people. Steve and Julia and their kids came, my parents, Grandma Sue, Melisa, Sarah and her son Eric, Mason's other dad and grandma, and a few people from our ward who helped us out since we were short handed.

I was speechless when Mason entered the font. He had a huge smile. I could tell Mike was a little nervous on what to say but he still did a great job. A few special moments stick out in my mind. While Mason was entering the water all the kids went to sit my the glass. Afterwards they returned to their seats in silence.....except Hailey. She says " Wow that was awesome" in such a calm tone that everyone laughed. When Mason come out all dressed he hugged everyone. I mean took a few minutes but it was so sweet. And when Julia spoke about being confirmed. Mike and I were overwhelmed with the spirit that we couldn't help but shed a few tears. It was a wonderful feeling.

After the confirmation Mason took a few photos and it was back to our house. He wanted to have a donut party. Since the attendance was pretty small Mike and I dished out the money and brought some Krispie Kreme's.  The kids jumped on the trampoline.

Us grown ups chatted for a while. Mike and I gave Mason a few gifts. A CTR glow in the dark ring, a CTR tie clip, and a few "Who is your hero?" posters. (If you don't know what these are- it's photo of scripture heroes made into super hero photos. They are wicked awesome looking) After everyone left with a few donuts in hand I let Ducati have one. Wow!!!- is all I can say.

Best day of her life (so far).

But in all honesty I was not excepting this day. I wasn't expecting that Mason would want to be a member of the true church. With his autism I thought he might not really understand what it all means to be baptised and to follow the commandments. But Heavenly Father works in wonderful mysterious ways. Mason knows more about the church than I do. He can recall stories that I have to look up and re-read. He has such a strong testimony that I get inspired by him.

(PS when we gave Mason a small set of scriptures, he looked at them and said " How do they work?" He loves to watch the Living Scripture movies so I explained that all the stories in the movies are in this book. He said "Oh.....but where's the pictures?" I smiled and said to him that I would teach him :-))
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