Monday, March 8, 2010

He's 8!

Today is Mason's special day. He turned 8 years old. So Mike, Hailey and I stood up late to ensure his day was special. We started the morning with presents. He got so many Avatar toys.
Along with a new set of markers and How to train a dragon poster and dragon egg.

Then breakfast time. Waffles and Banana Shakes. He loved it!
Then we headed off to Barnes and Noble. Where he cashed in his gift card Grandma Sue gave him. Books are great!Then we met Grandpa Brent at The greatest place in Kaysville! We did so much in such a short time.
There was the bumper boats. Mike said they were lame.
Lily tried to climb into the pond. It was so cute to watch her try to squeeze in between the bars.
Then the Go-Karts. This was sooooo much FUN!!!!

Technically Mike and Hailey won however since they bumped our car TWICE the guy who controlled the track said Mason and I won. Yeah for rules! But while we were here Lily was with Grandpa Brent.And Ducati was with Gigi. (sorry no photo)

But after our outdoor events we went inside to hit some games and rides.While we were hitting some games Mason seen a prize he really wanted to after 3000 tickets he got another Avatar toy. Hailey and Lily got little things. But they didn't mind. They understood it's Mason's day. Here's Mike trying to put the toys together. But we chowed on some cheese pizza and some ice cold root beer. Yummy! But then we headed back home since Mason and Hailey were going to their other dad's house for another party. But when we got home it was cake time! I made him a TV cake. With his last gift.'s our favorite family show.

He loved his cake but loved the movie even more. So we laughed the the movie and at Lily.

Mason said it was a great birthday. The best in the whole world. So that means.... Parents Rock!
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